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Student wellbeing

Student wellbeing at Bossley Park High School (BPHS) is coordinated by the student wellbeing team, comprised of the year advisers, school counsellors, careers adviser and head teacher student wellbeing, in consultation with the deputy principals and principal. The student wellbeing team support the learning needs and wellbeing of all students at BPHS. 

The role of the wellbeing team:

  • supporting the welfare  needs of students at Bossley Park High School
  • seeking solutions to welfare problems, both general and individual
  • referring welfare problems to specialist services or agencies, where appropriate
  • reviewing, writing and implementing welfare policies
  • coordinating activities and implementing programs to support the welfare needs of students
  • ongoing evaluation of policies and procedures
  • communicating with and providing guidance for staff
  • maintaining consistency throughout the school
  • initiating and coordinating staff development in welfare strategies and procedures
  • communicating with parents regarding welfare issues
  • monitoring student progress through semester reports, progress reports and the online system
  • meeting regularly to facilitate the above.

Rewarding students - Positive rewards to recognize and reinforce student behaviour

It is essential that students receive recognition for good behaviour, responsibility, effort, and achievement. Teachers reinforce positive behaviour by utilising the school systems, in combination with their own or faculty recognition schemes. This aspect has been enhanced by the Positive Behaviours for Learning program (PBL) which shifts the focus from discouraging inappropriate behaviour to encouraging appropriate behaviour, so that students will become safe, respectful learners (SRL).

Students receive merit awards and SRL awards for recognition of academic success, positive attitude, consistent effort, sporting achievements, sportsmanship, cooperation, participation, community service, extra-curricular activities, school representation, excellent attendance, respectfulness, and general positive behaviour. 

Year advisers

Year 7

Ms A Matic - History
Mr R Navarra - History

Year 8

Ms A Melville - English

Mr N Zantiras - PDHPE

Year 9

Ms H McKay - Home Economics
Ms T Breski - Learning Support 

Year 10

Mr K Chow - Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE)

Year 11

Ms S Papanakos - Languages other than English (LOTE)

Ms K O'Connor - English

Year 12

Mr D Huseyin – Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE)

Ms V Kokokios – Social Science