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School uniform

Bossley Park High School has a long history of exceptional school uniform, it is expected that the uniform will be worn with pride. All uniform is to be worn as designed, and not altered in any way. If for any reason a student is out of uniform, the student must bring a note of explanation from their parent/caregiver and obtain a uniform pass from the Head Teacher Student Welfare.


The school has occupational health and safety regulations which are in accordance with the Department of Education and Communities policy.  These must be followed by all students at all times.


No student will be disadvantaged in regard to school uniform because of his/her family's financial difficulties.  Parents experiencing such difficulties are encouraged to speak in confidence with the Head Teacher Student Welfare.  In addition, there is good quality clothing at very reasonable prices available in our Community Support Group Clothing Pool.

Key uniform requirements

The following points are emphasised to maintain the standards of the BPHS School Uniform Policy. 
Note: The Head Teacher Welfare, Deputy Principals and Principal will clarify and/or make decisions on the appropriateness of items of uniform, including those related to makeup, jewelry and hair.


  • Boys’ shirts are to be tucked in at all times
  • Senior boys must wear ties correctly at all times during Terms 2 and 3
  • Girls’ skirts must not be rolled at the top, or pleats stitched. Skirts must be an appropriate length, worn at the waist
  • Shirts worn underneath shirts or blouses must be plain white and sleeves must not be visible. If long-sleeved undershirts or skivvies are worn, they must be covered by sloppy joes or jumpers at all times
  • Caps must be removed upon entry to buildings. Caps must be black or white or a combination of black and white
  • Socks must be BPHS school socks – white with two black bands
  • Boys’ belts must be plain black
  • Girls’ slacks, if worn, must be the correct BPHS style, purchased at Lowes, Fairfield
  • For all excursions or out of school activities, full school uniform must be worn.  Variations to this will be noted on permission notes sent home
  • Scarves should be black or white, or a combination of the two
  • Students may NOT wear the school sports uniform to school on their sports/PE days. All students must attend Welfare in full school uniform. Period 4 sport/PE groups can wear their full sport uniform home. Students with physical disabilities may wear their sports uniform for the whole day on PE days


  • Firm ‘formal firm black’ (old style fashioned school shoes) leather fully enclosed lace-up shoes must be worn
  • Buckle-up or ballet-style slip on shoes are not accepted
  • Black sports shoes (including suede), other sports shoes, colored trim, ankle high basketball-style boots and boots of the Doc Martens or military style are not accepted

Hair, makeup and jewellery

  • Unnatural hair colours (eg: green, pink, blue, red, orange, or purple dyes, multi-colours) and/or extreme hairstyles (eg: long rat’s tails, dragon tails, mullet or mohawks) are not permitted
  • Make-up must be minimal and natural
  • Students must not wear jewellery which could be unsafe to themselves and others OR which could be lost or stolen
  • Earrings may only be studs or small sleepers, maximum of two per ear
  • Bracelets and neck chains must be small to medium thickness, gold or silver only, with no sharp charms. Neck chains must not be displayed outside the uniform
  • No facial piercings or tongue rings are accepted
  • Unacceptable items of jewellery will be confiscated and sent to the Head Teacher Student Welfare