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At Bossley Park High School, we are committed to working with you and your child to achieve success in their own area and/or assist all students explore their interests to create a pathway that will transition them from school to work smoothly.

For more information, please visit Bossley Park High School careers website.

The Careers department is able to:

  • Conduct personal interviews with each student
  • Assist students create and implement a study timetable to benefit them.
  • Explore various Career pathways and post-school options
  • Offer special programs that will benefit the student before they finish school, for example, Work experience.
  • Hold Group Transition meetings to expose different methods of achieving a long-term goal after school life has finished.
  • Show students various methods of managing stress, anger and teach them how they can work with their unique way of learning.
  • Help students identify their learning styles and how to overcome barriers to achieve success inside and outside of the classroom.

How to look through a job guide website:

  • Google, “Job Guide”
  • Type an area of interest, for example, “Plumbing”, in the yellow search engine box in the top left hand corner of the page.
  • Click on the specific area you would like to investigate, for example , “Brick Layer”.
  • Use this information to explore your careers and to answer your questions.
  • Students need to pay special attention to the information. It contains:
    • A job description
    • Personal quality requirements
    • How to become qualified for the career
    • Will know what they are qualified to do after studying /training in this area
    • Which courses they can study (in pink), then clicking on these course names to see where they offer their courses.
    • Contact details for any further information on the subject.
  •  On the left side bar, you notice some tabs that will inform you on how to complete a resumè, detailing part-time school and TAFE programs, what an apprenticeship is and how to find one.

Look through a UAC guide (For those who want to go to University):

  • Google, “UAC” or click on the link below
  • Type a Keyword, such as, “Civil Engineering”.
  • You can then look up and compare as many courses as you want from here.
  • Things to be aware of:
    • Cut-off/atar will tell you what rank you need to achieve for your university course.
    • “nc”= new course (brand new and does not have an atar yet)
    • “A + C”= Uni will consider their atar and everything in the subheading, “Additional Selection Criteria”, so please read this carefully.
    • “Assumed Knowledge”, is what student SHOULD study to get into the field they want to get into.
    • “Recommended Studies”, are subjects that could further assist the student’s understanding in the course.
    • “3F” or “6P” = 3 yrs. full time or 6 yrs. part time
    • “Career ppportunities” tell you what areas you will be able to work in when you complete the course.
    • The location of the campus is straight under the course name

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