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Bring your own device

Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to students being allowed to bring a personally-owned device to school to complement their learning in the classroom. In this digital age, students need to be highly skilled and productive users of technology to prepare them for a rapidly changing workforce. Students will learn to solve problems collaboratively and creatively and learn to use technology safely and ethically.

Which device?

Students may bring a laptop or notebook computer to school. The device should meet the specifications recommended by the school below.

Device specifications:

  • Wireless compatibility/connectivity - Devices must support the 802.11n 5GHz wireless dual-band wireless standard. Devices that are purchased through the recommended supplier, The School Locker, will conform to BPHS wireless network standard.
  • Operating system - Devices should have the current or a recent version of the relevant operating system installed, such as Windows 10 or Apple OS X 10
  • Battery life - Devices must have a minimum of 6 hours of battery life to last the school day and fully charged each day from home.
  • Storage and RAM - They should have 265GB storage and 4GB ram to process and store data effectively.
  • Screen size - Minimum sized screen - 11 inches. Recommended size - 12 inches.
  • Hardware features - USB connectivity (USB 2 or USB 3), a camera, a microphone port, and an earphone port. Stylus (optional).
  • Software and apps - Devices must have a web browser installed, as well as software that allows for note-taking and word processing, the creation of spreadsheets and presentations. Devices should also include appropriate anti-virus software for greater security. All NSW students are eligible to download Microsoft's products free from the student portal.
  • Other considerations - Tough and sturdy casing to avoid breakage. Lightweight for easy carrying.


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